One-to-One Creative Movement
…dynamic, whole-body integrated movement.
Creative Movement improves coordination, body awareness, connectedness, confidence, body weight, balance, breathing, agility, cardiovascular health, strength, flexibility, posture, brain health and much more. Discover movement that brings healing and happiness to your life — fully alive, awake and uplifted in your body and your mind. Creative Movement is individually designed in partnership with you to ensure a positive experience.

Beginning, intermediate, and advanced movement is offered based on current fitness and coordination levels. There is a program development fee and a per-hour fee for each session. Movement style and music is customized based on the collaboration between the client, trainer, and movement specialist Kelly Holt. Some of the programming we’ve developed for our clients have included:
Creative Movement: Cardio Rhythms
…Cardio drumming is an upbeat, high-energy, choreographed program that uses rhythms with drumsticks on a stability ball to create increased cardiovascular strength, muscular strength, and mind/body connect. Best of all, it is a blast! 

Creative Movement: Body Connect
…Discover the healing effect of movement through self-exploration and improvisation with props, instruments and music.

Creative Movement: Body Works
…A program based on modern dance, classical ballet, yoga and pilates. Clients experience improved balance, agility, strength, posture, coordination, flexibility, and connection with the breath. 

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About Kelly Holt

“Creative movement is exhilarating, healthy, and allows you to experience a true connection with all aspects of yourself. It brings you to life!”

— Kelly Holt

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