One-to-One Personal Training
a life-changing alternative to mass health and fitness programming.
One-to-One designs personalized exercise programs for individuals who need to reduce specific health risks. Training programs are also designed for risk-free individuals who recognize the preventative aspect of a properly designed exercise plan based on current protocols. Clients learn their programming in sessions focusing on:
  • Independent exercise
  • Healing and corrective exercise
  • Quality nutrition
  • Short and long term goals
Because the approach will be different for everyone, an initial assessment will be completed prior to the commencement of your program design. Pam provides personal training one to three times per week for each client. There is an initial assessment fee and a per-hour fee for each session.

Contact Pam for Personal Training:

Phone: (260) 749-7226

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“Pam didn’t just physically
teach me how to lift a dumbbell — she showed me how to lift the barriers in my life that were keeping me from optimal health, fitness and happiness.”

— Liz S.